04 April 2020 — Written by Harley

Hi there. I guess this is where I tell you about myself and why you should spend your time reading my posts on what software is and how to write it.

I'm a 24 year old coder. Born and raised in Cape Town. When I'm not coding I'm probably playing tug-of-war with my Golden Retriever.

What does this blog entail?

This blog is purely a place for me to think and explain things outloud mostly for my own personal development but if you can make sense of these ramblings then that's freaking awesome.

Why should you listen to me?

The truth is that I don't know that much and nothing I come up with is ever original. I'm what you'd call a glue coder. A glue coder is a developer that takes ideas, technologies, frameworks etc that other's have built and combine them to suit the needs of my project. 99% of developers do this but are too proud to admit it. Everyone wants to be the next prodigy when all you really need to do it just take the wheel and provide it to whoever needs it.

I know quite a bit about React, Flutter, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, .NET Core blah blah blah.

I'm not some amazing dev who is going to blow your mind and make you see the matrix. I'm just a guy who loves writing code and wants to share that passion with as many people as possible. If that happens to be you, great. If you think everything I'm writing about is wrong and I know nothing, great. Tell me where I'm lacking knowledge and I'll gladly look to correct my errors.

My Credentials

Okay so my lovely paragraph above didn't convince you, eh? You want some credentials as to why you should spend your time listening to me? Here's a small list:

  • Coding since I was 9
  • Completed 3 years of Information Technology Studies during high school
  • Distinction and Cum Lade Higher Certificate in Software Development
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology
  • A year's professional experience in functional programming and Scala
  • 4 years professional experience in full stack development with a focus on .NET Core backend and various frontends (React, Angular, Ionic, Flutter)
  • I'm a mentor for CodeYourFuture
  • I've seen multiple projects from inception into production
  • I've trained interns and other developers who have gone on to do some pretty cool things

None of this makes me a good developer. Having studied and gotten a degree doesn't mean I'll always write the cleanest code. Working with multiple frontend stacks doesn't mean I always remember the proper syntax for a switch case. Having worked with dozens of other developers across different teams doesn't mean that I'll always be the best person to help you.

My focus is to constantly learn and improve. If that's something that resonates with you then please give this blog a go and let's help each other build cool stuff.